Effective Video Marketing – Top 10 mistakes

Effective Video Marketing – Top 10 mistakes June 23, 2015

However you decide to go about producing effective video marketing, there are some remarkably common pitfalls that can significantly reduce the overall quality of the final product. We’ve shared a few here to help you avoid them.

 Effective Video Marketing – Planning by committee

It’s great to have a lot of ideas about the direction you want the video to go in during the initial briefing phase, but that should come with the understanding that not all of them can happen. One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is to take ideas from everyone, collate it and send it through to the person producing the film, because invariably it can’t all be done and won’t result in effective video marketing. Someone should take charge of the vision of the film, and organise what will be done and what won’t. This will help get the film finished on time, on brief, and on budget.

Losing sight of the customer

Always remember what and who you’re making the film for, because it’s almost always new customers. It should be engaging and informative, and this should be the number one priority to consider at all times.

Going for the latest thing

A few years ago everyone was raving about 3D, but if you’d decided to shoot a promotional video with it you’d find very few people now who can watch it. There’s always a ‘latest craze’ about something but unless it’s really taking off, it’s not usually the recommended avenue for effective video marketing. Content is always more important, so just make sure you’re communicating the right message effectively.

Recording poor sound

Never ever cut corners on this, as this is perhaps the single element that can undo all your other hard work and bring down effective video marketing. People will tolerate bad image quality up to a point, but poor sound is something that can turn people away very quickly. If your budget can stretch to it, hire a dedicated sound operator, but if not then use the best quality mics you can get.

Use of animation

We all know animation looks cool and slick, but it needs to be used appropriately and sparingly. Use it only as long as it conveys the right messages. You might be tempted to use a lot of it as it’s cost effective – it doesn’t require a camera or a shoot day – but sometimes there are emotions you need to convey that animation just won’t do for you.

Trying too hard

Tried and tested video styles like simple peer-to-peer case studies or talking head brand videos are common and good examples of effective video marketing, so customers will know what they’re watching. Seeing other testimonials may be all they need to connect with your brand and you don’t have to re-invent the wheel to engage customers.

Doing it all yourself

Producing a corporate video can be a complex and time-consuming process. A lot of corporate businesses can be seduced by the cost-saving measure of having regular employees do the work, but resources and time will be eaten up quickly and the company may end up splashing out anyway for a professional video production company to come in and complete the work.

Making it your own film

Whatever your personal taste is, your handling of the video should be objective. Understanding what you need to do to make the video successful for the client should be at the top of the priority list.

Lacking knowledge of the competition

Every sector has companies that dominate that part of the market. In order to keep up with them your video will need to be high quality, as your customers will make a snap judgement on your brand values based on your video.

Forgetting to provoke the viewer

Watching a video shouldn’t be a passive experience, but a lot of people watch a lot of videos in a day and if they’re not memorable they’ll be forgotten. Aim to elicit some kind of emotional response to your video and build it up throughout.


By keeping all these tips in mind, you’ll be able to create effective video marketing that drives the right messages and helps you achieve your business goals.

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