Video Marketing Campaign – the power to drive sales June 23, 2015

A video marketing campaign is an incredibly powerful tool. It can be used to drive awareness and visibility and increase sales for any business. Engagement is at the heart of this success – people must have an emotional connection with what they’re watching in order to engage with it.

It’s often said that pictures say a thousand words, and there’s a reason for this. When we read text our brains process it and use our imagination to consider what it means, because as a one-dimensional message, it’s just words on a page. With video, half of this work is already done for you because the images are appearing in front of you.

A video marketing campaign is an incredibly powerful storytelling tool. Any given person has about a dozen favourite films, but when was the last time anyone told you about a really good book they’ve read? We take in information in audible and visual forms, and video allows us to do both by fusing them together to create a sensory experience that is ultimately more powerful than text. In a typical video you’ll find marketing tools that are strong on their own (music, persuasive voiceover etc.) combined to give whoever views it an emotional experience. A video marketing campaign brings together footage and music to tell you stories, and the emotions you feel because of it will form beliefs. These emotional beliefs are strong enough to override what we might already think about a brand, which is hard to do any other way than visual storytelling.video marketing campaign

Video Marketing Campaign – an example

Let’s examine a real world example. Imagine a client has asked you to produce a video marketing campaign that has a primary message of:

“We are a company who care.”

Imagine how much text would be required to convey this message effectively and convincingly. You’d need dozens of examples of times the company has gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide great service to customers, and you’d most likely need a lot of customer testimonials.

Now let’s try to convey the same message with a video marketing campaign. A customer walks into the premises, and is greeted warmly by a smartly dressed friendly representative. They shake hands, say hello, and the smiling rep shows the customer to a seat with an open palm.
Once that image has been shown to a customer, they will automatically start thinking the primary message, and suddenly we have success in four seconds while the paragraphs of copy are still being sourced and structured.

Add in some sound with a voiceover. It should be warm, probably female, and have that soft nurturing tone. We may only need to hear a few words to be convinced by it. A soft music track will lift the film and bring a bit more life to it. Now we have a busy sensory experience bringing us the key message in two different ways.

This is the power of a video marketing campaign. It makes sense to harness its credibility and persuasiveness for the purpose of driving sales.

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