Branded Content Production – what’s grip? June 23, 2015

These days everyone is producing branded content production for business so it’s important to make sure that your production is keeping head and shoulders above the rest and gives the feel of greater production quality than those you’re competing with. The key way to do this is by using grip.

Grip is an industry term for any device that makes the camera move while it’s recording. That’s it. It doesn’t sound like much, but the results speak for themselves. Grip shots just feel slicker, they give the video pace, and it gives the video that ‘Hollywood feel’. Grip is still more or less confined to the film industry so using it for branded content production can blow the competition away.

There are several types of grip to choose from, and all will give you different effects.

Branded Content Production – Sliders

Sliders are the smallest kind of grip and are used for creating short movements. A slider is just a bar about a metre long and will sit on top of a tripod allowing the camera to move along it, creating a subtle movement that will instantly raise the production values of any branded content production and boost viewer engagement.

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Jibs are cranes that the camera can be attached to allowing it to achieve vertical travel. They are most commonly used to create wide, sweeping shots of a beautiful exterior and they allow you to capture the action from an exciting angle. Jibs come in different sizes and designs, from simple counterweight versions to large 30ft models with electronic controls. The smaller ones are cheaper and quicker to use and set up and can be operated by any member of the crew. They can also be used in places with limited space, as you only need a short motion to achieve the effect. The larger versions are more expensive and may require a dedicated operator, though they do produce the most amazing shots. Using them for branded content production is a great way to grab your customers’ attention.


This is one of the most common ways in which branded content production companies use grip. The camera tripod sits on a simple track and moves up and down it as required. It is much longer than the slider while allowing you to capture the same fluid movement. As with other grips, there are many variants depending on your needs, but some are lightweight, portable and cost effective, making them ideal for fast-paced corporate shoots. With this type though, you have to lay it on a completely flat surface and you’re limited to travelling in a straight line.
The larger version is a ‘track and ride’ where the camera platform is big enough for the operator to sit or stand on while it is pushed or pulled by someone else. This set runs on ultra smooth track-like rails that come with both straight and curved pieces, so you need a lot of time and room to set it all up.


Producing these kinds of beautiful moving images is possible for any budget and can take very little investment on the shoot day given how the result pays big dividends in terms of production quality for your branded content production. To see how we’ve utilised grip recently, visit our YouTube page.

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