Corporate Video Marketing – getting interviews right June 23, 2015

When you’re creating content for corporate video marketing, it’s likely that you’ll want to shoot a “talking head”, where someone involved with the business sits down and talks about something on camera.

Talking head interviews are a very effective means of driving key messages in corporate video marketing and add that touch of humanity that a voiceover and some B-roll footage won’t do. The idea is that they are the face of the business, and this will create an emotional connection with the viewer. Therefore you will need to make sure they are as effective as possible.

corporate video marketing

This can be done in two ways: looking down the lens towards the viewer, or as a conversation with an unseen interviewer.

This first approach can feel very personal for the viewer, but it can be intimidating for the person on camera, as delivering lines to a camera lens isn’t always easy.

The second approach is to have the person talk to an interviewer not shown on screen, sat just off to the side of the camera. This approach is preferable for a number of reasons. First of all it makes the messaging feel more honest and friendly, and secondly it makes the viewer feel more like they’re listening in on a conversation, and less like they’re listening to someone pitching business ideas. The subject will also end up delivering their lines in a more relaxed way, which usually makes the delivery of corporate video marketing messages more engaging and natural.

Corporate Video Marketing – The Background

corporate video marketing

Something else you have to consider is the background. Ideally it should be a visually pleasing background, making use of depth of field with the background out of focus to provide a nice crisp image of the subject. The key is to keep the subject far away from the background to avoid the image looking flat and boring.

Viewers won’t want to see a huge mess behind the person they’re looking at or anything distracting. A lot of talking heads are shot in busy offices so watch out for miscellaneous office objects like empty coffee cups or piles of paper that don’t contribute aesthetically to the image you’re shooting. If this is a tall order, consider using a mobile pull-up backdrop. Usually black or white, this presents a solid clean image behind the person on camera and leaves the viewer in no doubt as to what they’re supposed to be looking at. This is a commonly used method in corporate video marketing.

Placement of the subject is also something that will need consideration. You could have them in the middle of the shot for a personal approach or off to the side, which will help if graphics or text need to be overlaid later. In videos with multiple speakers a common approach is to position half the subjects on one side and half on the other to mix up the shots and make the whole film smoother.

Great looking interviews usually depend on great lighting, but it’s important to remember that bad lighting can ruin corporate video marketing. Your goal should be to make the interviewee more three-dimensional by lighting their face and also the back of their head to make them stand out from the background. As with many things in corporate video marketing, subtlety is key here.

Things to remember are that lights take time to set up and adjust, and even longer to break down afterwards as they can’t be handled and packed away when they’re still hot. The schedule should be produced with time allotted for this.

These may all sound like small touches, but they will really help your corporate video marketing and will get a more positive response from your viewers who will know a quality video when they see one. Ultimately this will impact how your brand is perceived.

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