Effective Video Production – Hot tips for lighting June 23, 2015

If you want to create effective video production, then the chances are at some point you’re going to need to film somebody on screen talking. It may be a staff member of a business, a client testimonial, or the CEO of a huge firm – whoever it is, they are representing a brand and you need to make them look great. A key ingredient of this is lighting them well.

Here we’ve shared some helpful tips on how to get the most out of what you have and create truly effective video production.

Effective Video Production – Natural light

Natural light can be great to use as depending on the time of day and the amount of cloud, it can be nice and diffused already, creating an even cast. Using gold reflectors to boost the warm daylight on your subject will work really well as gold reflectors work best with skin tone and they make sure your subject isn’t lit unevenly.

Simple interior with one LED light

Some interiors let in a lot of light, for example if they have floor to ceiling windows. In this instance, the subject may not need a lot of light – you don’t want to over-light them – so you may only need a simple LED light added to the top of the camera to make sure their face isn’t too dark and to pick out their eyes a little more. This technique works well if you’re doing vox pop interviews and don’t want to set up lights for each person. It’s not a difficult or expensive setup, but it’s one that goes a long way towards creating effective video production.

Three point lighting

This is a long-standing technique for interviews that instantly creates effective video production. You use a big soft light towards one side of the face (key light) another light on the other side at a bit more of an angle for some shape (fill light) and a light at the back lighting their head to lift them off the background to give the appearance of a more three-dimensional image (back light). The most important element of this is don’t place the lights too close to the subject: allow them to diffuse and light the subject softly. Placing them further back also means the subject won’t be blinded by the light or squint.

effective video production

Using flare

Usually used for glamour shots, this effect is achieved by using a similar approach to the three point lighting system above, but using two back lights. One remains on the subject, and the other points more towards the lens. This appears as a blast of light in one corner and shows lens flare, which looks beautiful and creates professional, effective video production.

Light the background

As well as lighting the subject, you can light the background if it is close and interesting enough. You don’t want to show too much as it can distract from the subject, but a slash of light should be enough to create some shape to the backdrop and help lift the subject off it through lighting.


  1. Separate the subject from the background. Position them well away from walls or other objects to give the shot some depth.
  1. Use soft light. This will make the subject look best, it’s tried and tested.
  2. Light the eyes. This is how people connect with other people so make sure your subject’s eyes aren’t in shadow.

Following this guide will help you create effective video production with professional-looking, three-dimensional subjects.

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